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There are lot of possible causes of the “website down” issue, hence, in this articles we will help you to get rid of this issue, so you can also resolve it by following this guide.

Before opening a support ticket, here is first at all a checklist to start with:

  1. Check your local internet connection: sometimes your website may look like unavailable just because the router or the modem you are using is failing to connect you to the internet, it seems legit to check first if your ISP is connecting you via their gateway (reboot the router, reset it, plug and unplug the modem, etc…). If you are fine and connected to the internet, then you may want to check the number 2.
  2. Network interruption: short and long, here is the explanation the two:
    1. Short network interruption (low severity): sometimes the datacenter network where your website is hosted is having a short ISP network interruption; generally, it does not worth worrying about. You may allow some time up to 15 minutes window to allow the network to be up again to start sending you bytes. Another reason could be the HostGarou staff are working to upgrade the server where you are hosted to get the latest package update or a security fix.
    2. Long network interruption (high severity): hacker are opening byte fire on the server, in this situation the server is incapable to answer your HTTP response. To address this particular issue, we need to collaborate with the datacenter to clean-up traffic to the servers. It may take some time, and we rely on your understanding. We will notify you of this issue via email or you may want to check opening network issue via our Network Status page.
  3. Internal server error: the server may respond sometimes to your request with an internal error, the server response is very different depending on treatment your requesting.
  4. A website script is not responding and the server is killing it. 

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